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Environmental Policy Research

CHER's research is guided by cutting edge science, but it is also informed by the scientific needs to policymakers and community and industry leaders, making much of our research directly applicable to solving current health problems facing Canadians. Much of our scientistresearch is carried out in collaboration with industry leaders and policymakers who have the resources and the authority to implement exposure controls.

Our research objectives are all directed to the goal of primary prevention of disease associated with environmental hazards in community and workplace environments. Our knowledge translation research and practice helps us to develop methods to communicate results to diverse audiences, and understand the role of values in responses to environmental threats.

CHER strives to make its research useful for policy-makers, business and community groups by producing evidence reviews, and by collaborating with research users on new projects. If you want to know if CHER researchers have expertise relevant to your policy question, have a look at our researcher pages, or contact Will McDowall, our Knowledge Translation and Exchange Associate.

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