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CHER is a multidisciplinary research centre located in the University of British Columbia and funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. CHER is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of investigators all of whom have a common mission: to research and prevent diseases caused by hazards in outdoor and indoor environments. Hazards under investigation include: air pollution, emerging water and bioaerosols, environmental noise, indoor air pollutants and occupational exposures.

CHER supports the development and dissemination of innovative, world-class research. Choose a research theme below to learn about current research and access resources and tools.

Community Environmental Health: Assessing exposures and effects of environmental hazards, and suggesting limits to protect human health. Workplace Health: Addressing workplace health along a continuum, from identifying disease risk factors to devising means of mitigating exposure to prevent future problems. Environmental Policy: Identifying policy changes that have the potential to improve human health by lessening the impact of human activities on the environment. Knowledge Translation: Sharing research findings with scientists, policy makers, health care workers, participants, and the general public.

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